Photo Mobile Apps are a great marketing tool for your business to boost word-of-mouth referrals and increase sales.  They can be used in many ways to help increase your business.

The main purpose of this App is to bring you new clients and get you in touch with your old customers to get repeat business.  When you give an App to any of your customers they will share it with their friends and family and your contact information will also be shared.

We have listed a few examples of how photographers are using this App to get more clients:-

  • Sell this App as an a la carte item
  • Give the App for free to customers when they upgrade to your highest packages
  • Give your customer their Photo App as a complimentary gift

  • When your customer place their order for their session give them a complimentary App as a surprise gift which includes some of their best images
  • Give your customers a free preview App which includes a few of their best images this will make them want to come and order some more.
  • Only give your customers the mobile App when they spend a certain amount. This will encourage them to spend more.