You know how difficult it is to get new clients but what about all those customers you have served in the past?

They have used your service in the past therefore they are more likely to use it again. This Photo App is a great marketing tool for you to get in touch with them.

Simply create an App for your past customers with some of their best images and send this App to them as a Surprise Gift with the following message


“Dear Customer,

You have used our service in the past and as a valued customer we are offering you, your own personalized complimentary Photo App which you can view and download on your smartphone.

To download your Mobile App, open this email on your phone or tablet and click on the link below.   (replace this with customer Photo Mobile App address)

Your App will work on all Apple devices and all latest Androids phones.

For iPhone: Open App link in Safari browser and click on “Add to Home Screen”.
For Android: Open App in Chrome browser and click on “Add to Home Screen” from phone or browser menu.

Thank you very much for using our service and please feel free to share your App with your friends and family.

You can also view our latest offers on our website.

Thank You,

Your Studio Name “


It is the quickest way to reach all of your old clients as you are not only giving them a free surprise gift but at the same time it will potentially bring new business to you. When they share their App with their friends and family your contact information will also be shared. It is like your own digital business card which your clients will love to share.