1. Link your primary bank account to PayPal. (you'll only need to do this once).  For information on how to link your bank account with PayPal, click on the link below and see "Adding a bank account".

    • https://www.paypal.com/gb/selfhelp/topic/ADDING_AND_WITHDRAWING_MONEY_HELPHUB
  2. Once your primary bank account has been linked with PayPal you can withdraw money from PayPal to your back account at any time by following the simple steps below: (PayPal does not charge any fee for transferring funds from PayPal to your bank account)

To withdraw money to a UK bank account:

  1. Log in to your UK PayPal account.
  2. Below your PayPal balance, click Withdraw money.
  3. Enter the amount to withdraw and choose the correct bank account, then click Continue.
  4. Review the details then click Submit.

Your money will usually take up to 2 hours to appear in your UK bank account.

That's it. This will transfer your money from your PayPal account to your Bank Account. The amount of time it will take for your transfer to go through has largely to do with your primary bank and how quick they are at processing the incoming transfer. However, most banks within the US / Canada will show the money in your account within three or four days. Outside of the US is usually takes five to seven days for the transfer to go through.