You can easily setup how your customers can pay you when they purchase images online on your website:

You can setup up all or any of the payment options listed below:

1) Accept payments over the phone (This option is useful if you have your own terminal in your studio and would like to process your own credit card payments)

2) Accept payments made by cheque
(You can enable this option if you would like to give your customers an option to pay you via cheque)

3) Accept online credit/debit card payments
(When you turn on this option, your customers will be able to buy images securely online from your websie using their credit cards, all paymetns will go straight in your PayPal account)

In order to activate these payment options, login to your control panel and click on "Set Prices and Options"  and go to Step 6 "Online Payment"

From "Online Payment" page you can easily set up all payment options.