1. Login in your admin panel and click on "Manage Apps"

2. Now click on "Edit App" link

3. Go To "Preview" tab to view the Photo Mobile App address for your App.

4. From this page you can click "Share App with client" links or copy and view a customized email which you can send to your client. The email also includes instructions on how the customer can install the app.

You can also use the follwoing sample email template:

Sample Email Template

Your Photo Mobile App is ready!

To download your Mobile App, open this email on your phone or tablet and click on the link below.

http://myapp.pics   (replace this with your Photo Mobile App address)

Your App will work on all Apple devices and all latest Androids phones.

For iPhone: Open App link in Safari browser and click on “Add to Home Screen”.
For Android: Open App in Chrome browser and click on “Add to Home Screen” from phone or browser menu.

Please feel free to share your App with your friends and family by using the built-in share button within your App or forward this email to them.


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