Enable fully automated paid digital downloads for your client albums:

You can enable the fully automated digital download option and your client will receive the digital file download link as soon as they make the payment.

To enable this option please edit your pricing profile and select "Digital Download (Auto emailed after payment)" option.

Please see the screenshot below:


Now you can select the different digital download options. Please see the screenshot below:



Single File download includes any 1 photo from the album.

Full Album download includes all photos including sub-albums.

Digital downloads are fully automated and clients will receive the download link once the payment has been made. 

  • The System will automatically send the download link to your client after successful online payment via Paypal
  • If your client has placed the order using "cheque" or "payment over the phone" option then the system will not send the digital files until you mark the payment as "Received" from "View Orders" page in your admin panel. 

Please see the screenshot below: